Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another gotcha!

Just what I didn't want to see:
     Breakpoints are not currently working with Ruby 1.8.5
So much for that approach to identifying and solving a problem I've got with some new additions to my prototype!

Now... do I update only Ruby (I'm at 1.8.5-12 and the latest incarnation is 1.8.5-25) or do I go for the whole enchilada and upgrade InstantRails (from 1.5 to 1.6, which includes an upgrade from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5).

What the heck... I'll just upgrade Ruby and see how that works. I take a backup of my full Ruby directory, download the One-Click installer, and start it up. It says it can't install over an old version and that I'll have to uninstall it. I take a deep breath, click "OK", the uninstaller gets the go-ahead to delete the old installation... .and nothing happens. It just sits there waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

Can anyone recommend a good waggle dance parlor?

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