Monday, March 19, 2007

Racing along at 0 miles per hour

Another day of trying to get AjaxScaffold working and... nothing doing. It's partially working and stubbornly resistant to getting to 'done'. The display of the data comes up just fine, and I can delete records with no sweat. However, adding records or trying to edit existing records goes off into never, never land... the Ajax.Request happens, but never returns.

The developer (Richard White, has been helpful, but now I'm down to simply rebuilding the application from scratch and seeing if that helps. Either way, I have to say that it's not a great testament to Rails' ability to 'quickly and easily' develop web applications... at least for me, so far. If the rebuild doesn't solve the problem, there's the big question of: what's going on here? If the rebuild does solve the problem, then there's a similarly big question of: why is this environment so fragile and what went wrong anyway? If I can't figure out the problem, who knows when it will hit again.

On a positive note, I really love the db:migration capability... you really can build your database in pieces as you learn about your application. And the ability to quickly and easily rollback a change is just dynamite.

Back when I finish the rebuild...

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